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  • Influencer Marketing Service IGLOO

    Top-trend marketing
    Influencer Marketing

    IGLOO use influencers' media power as a Branding method

    • - Increase Brand Awareness
    • - Improve Brand Reputation
    • - Acquire New Customers
    • - Increase Sales Revenue
  • Diverse channels, contents, industries
    You can do influencer marketing via various kinds of channels, industries and contents by using IGLOO platform
    • - Beauty, Fashion, Game, Food industry
    • - Article, Picture, Video
    • - Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitch
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  • Campaign Management
    We offer well-customized influencers for your campaign
    IGLOO suggest the most appropriate influencers by detailed analysis, which not only consider number of followers, also examine whether influencers can make positive effects to campaign or not.
    The final authority to choose influencers is belong to client
    When proposing the influencer campaign, we offer influencers based on double budget, so that advertisers can select influencers as their preference
  • Contents Management
    IGLOO's experts always monitor all contents of influencers, lead all influencers to comply with the Contents Guide
    Continuous Monitoring
    In order to maintain high campaign quality, IGLOO always manage all influencers and their contents during the campaign by continuous monitoring.
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Are you ready to meet our unique influencers?

Our team manages wide range of infrastructure in both of influencer marketing and performance marketing areas.
We will do our best for your advertising, so that you can only focus on your own service.

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We acquire active users globally with CPI, CPA and CPS models. We focus on results-oriented mobile advertising.
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